" As in Bangkok..."


A tidy setting, authentic and creative cuisine, fresh and healthy products: this is PITAYA’s® recipe for an incredible trip to Thailand during your lunch break.

PITAYA® is growing and developing as franchises all over France and abroad. Winning the “People’s Choice Franchise 2016” award, the adventure is taking off and some forty restaurants opened since 2017.

With the growing popularity of on-the-go eating and the acceleration of city life, PITAYA® has stuck to the standards of fast food while rooting itself in traditional Asian street food: optimized service, takeaway and delivery service, facilitating an “express” lunch break for its customers.
Eating well has become a modern necessity, PITAYA® has done everything to emphasize the freshness and quality of its products in order to provide balanced meals adapted to every taste.


PITAYA® has put into place very strict hygiene standards and a special team makes sure that these standards are met through ongoing inspections in every restaurant. Regular audits are performed by an external and independent organization ( SI1LIKER/ MERIEUX / VERITAS / BVC). In a society where everything is speeding up and where we are becoming more impatient and demanding, PITAYA® offers meals stir-fried in the wok before your eyes, offering full transparency as to its composition and preparation. Every meal is cooked in front of our customers from the windows where you can sit and eat while watching the show in the kitchen. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to serve quickly and to prepare complete, satisfying meals.


Thai cuisine is famous for its taste and freshness, but also as one of the most balanced and complete cuisines in the world. Our selection of meals offers a perfect balance between heartiness, lightness, freshness, warmth and flavor. Healthy, creative meals are cooked with carefully selected fresh ingredients on offer all year around, to dine in, take away or for delivery. Our 14 dishes are prepared with care to be delicious, authentic, fresh, natural and healthy.


Every product is prepared and cooked at our PITAYA® locations. Our menu has something for everyone, including vegetarian and gluten-free fare.


PITAYA® makes sure to offer quick service as well as an original menu. We have decided to go move away from the “greasy spoon” reputation and other fast-food standards by offering the same quick service but by making street food that is anything but unhealthy.